A Family Safe Mobile Browsing Experience with SmyleSafe Browser

Safe online content with age-appropriate filters for kids is defined by Retina-X Studios’ SmyleSafe browser with parental controls for major smartphone platforms.

Retina-X Studios, LLC releases SmyleSafe Browser, a fun-filled web safe browser for mobile phones that is kid-friendly and offers a safe web browsing experience to kids and young members of a family. This keeps risky content away from view while surfing the Internet and lets parents decide for them what to surf with approving their mobility freedom.

SmyleSafe Browser is a newly developed parental control safe browser that parents can freely rely upon. Available for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and iPhone, installing it in the smartphone makes it active with configuring Kid Settings in the browser. In case of iPhone, it doesn’t require to jailbreak the device.

SmyleSafe Browser Kid Settings involve making easy-to-understand and effective settings like age-based browsing, app restrictions, restricted Internet usage and much more. Parents can later see logs of their Internet activities and other information through SmyleSafe Browser Online Dashboard via a secure online connection from anywhere. A quick tour of SmyleSafe is offered at the site to help new users with it.

“Smartphones are very appealing to kids of all ages. A survey by Nielsen says that after every couple of years there is a marked increase in US smartphone users. As they grow so does their curiosity that the Internet feeds well. Unhappily, parents sometimes underestimate their Internet usage and at times access adult content”, says James Johns, CEO, Retina-X Studios. “We as a team of parents introduce SmyleSafe to numerous other parents to protect their kids from harmful side-effects of mobile Internet through monitoring and guiding them as to what should be viewed online without any interference,” Johns says.

“Five years back it wasn’t so easy to communicate like it is today. More kids carry smartphones now. Knowing where they are at present is impossible to know. However, SmyleSafe Browser provides location tracking through GPS alerts to parents. They can also set geo-fences to get an alert whenever they cross the set perimeter,” says Craig Thompson, Media Representative for Retina-X. “With the release of SmyleSafe Browser for smartphones, we can bring the incredible power of Internet monitoring and filtering to parents,” Thompson said.

SmyleSafe Browser is priced at $4.99 for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Interested ones can Sign-Up for free Online Dashboard.

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